To support the smoke-free and tobacco-free policy and to help those who want to quit smoking, all UC-sponsored medical plans available to faculty and staff will cover the cost of certain over-the-counter and prescription nicotine replacement products when prescribed by a physician. You can view the UCOP Tobacco Cessation Resources flyer. For complete details, see your medical plan booklet.

Health Net

  1. The Decision Power® program was developed for smoking and tobacco cessation (see fact sheet) and is only available by logging in as a Health Net member.
  2. The Quit Tobacco link on Health Net website links members to the American Cancer Society "Quit for Life" program. Health Net has contracted with this program to provide services to members.

Kaiser Permanente
Kaiser's smoking cessation program "Quit Smoking" is part of the Health Lifestyles Programs.

UC Care provides Pharmacy Benefits for Smoking Cessation: Pharmacy Benefits | UC Care.

Delta Dental
Delta Dental provides information on the effects of smoking on oral health and gum disease. No services are provided.